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Welcome to our second newsletter! I would like to thank everyone who contributed! Keep those articles coming! If you have any horsie news that you would like to share, send it to me and I will find a place for it!
Since our staff is predominatly English in discipline, we would love for one of you western riders to give us an idea for a column in the newsletter. We would like a western rider on our newsletter staff!
Congratulations to our secretary, Sarah. You can email her at Hyperalot2 @ aol.com.
Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plastic Place

Dear CinmonBear,
In 1994, I received a beautiful palomino-colored stallion, but if I remember correctly it was a different breed other than palomino. His long mane is posed as though it were being blown widly by the wind. He has charcoal hooves and an intelligent expression on his face. He has a blaze and one foot is lifted off of the ground. I wouldlike to know his name and breed if you have him!
Thank You,

Dear Christie,
Congratulations! Your model is the beautiful Peruvian Paso Fino named Tesoro. Hisnumber is #867, and he first came out in 1992. He is a palomino with a cream mane and tail, a blaze, and 4 white stockings. He has the same mold as this year's new model, Embajador XI. Tesoro was discontinued at the end of 1995. His average retail price is $20-$30 for a mint/mint in box Tesoro. THanks for the question Christie, I own Tesoro myself, and he is a wonderful model.
Please email descriptions of your Breyer models to Sara for identification and possibly approximate retail price (if time allows) c/o ASK CHAPPARAL. Email addresses will be given out at the end of the newsletter.

Name Our Club!

We are having trouble thinking of a name for our club, and thought that one of our 170 members could help us! I have a list of suggestions already. You can add to this list. Please send all suggestions to Rachel c/o clubname Friday the 27th. We will have a special vote-chat on December 30th at 7pm (ET) in private room HORSESRS. If you are not present, you will be unable to have a say in the name of the club. If you will be unable to attend, email me ASAP. Here are the suggestions that I have so far.

The Saddle Club The World-Wide Pony Club Tack Girls Crazy4Horses Sugar Cube Gang Bridle Path Horse Lovers of the Internet Tack Room Pony Fan Club Horse Shoes Really Cool Horse Club Horses Online

Feature Breed

This issue's featured breed is the Dutch Warmblood. Remember, all facts are based on, but not copied from Simon and Schuster's Guide to Horses and Ponies.
The Dutch Warmblood originated in Holland, and the stud book of this breed, held by the Dutch Warm-Blood Society, goes back to 1958. This breed is usually quiet in temperment and about 16.2 hands in height. The coat can be bay, brown, black, chestnut, or gray.
The Dutch Warmblood came from two older Dutch breeds, the Gelderland and the Gronigen, with some blood of the English Thoroughbred as well. Flowing action of the Dutch Warmblood adds to its attractive appearance. Two of the best representatives of the breed are Calyso and Dutch Courage. Calypso won the Volvo World Cup. Dutch Courage won the bronze at the Dressage World Championships in 1978. This breed usually produces good, flashy jumpers.

Horse Sense

This is a trivia column. Send any trivia questions to Rachel c/o HORSESENSE and we will print it on the newsletter. The answer will be in the next newsletter.
Look for the answer in the next issue.

From the Horse's Mouth

This column is dedicated to keeping in touch with you and your horse. Send in an email telling what you and your horse have been up to. I heard from some of you that there are new horses. Send in a short explanation and I will put it in the newsletter. Email Rachel c/o MOUTH.

Track Talk

As there are no big races in December to inform you on, I have decided that a reader's poll would be fun. The poll is open to all members who would like to vote. YOu can vote in all catagories or in only a few. The divisions are:
Please, only one pick per division. Number of picks per horse will be listed along with actual winners of the awards in the next issue. Please send all picks to Sara c/o TRACK TALK.

Horse of the Week

This week's horse of the week is a 4YO registered Morgan gelding named Classy. He is the grandson of U C Dark Shadows. He is a great horse, and BlondieC1 hopes to be showing him in A shows.
If you would like your horse/pony to be HORSE OF THE WEEK, send a short description to Rachel c/o HOTW.

Gallery of Champions

This is for any awards that you or your horse won. If you recently won an award, email Rachel c/o CHAMPS with the info.
Abbey22(Lindsay) writes:
In February and May my horse Elegant Style (a 10YO appy) and I competed in shows in Low Hunters. In November, I found out that we won Circuit Reserve Champion after just 2 shows! We had a grand total of 50 points!!!!!!
Way to go Lindsay!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a column for you to advertise items for sale, or things you would like to buy. Send ads to Rachel c/o BST.

WANTED: 1990 BreyerFest Dr. Peaches. Please contact Trot4mee @ aol.com if you have any information.

FOR SALE: 1995 Oldenburg filly by Wallstreet Kid out of TB mare (Native Dancer blood) Scored 7.5 at the inspection, 4th at Upperville get of sire class, 6th at Lexington Dressage show, and showed at the Prince Georges dressage show. She is steel gray. Super dispsition and easy to work around. 16.1 as yearling, should mature to 17.1 hands.
Also for sale: Another Wallstreet Kid/TB mare colt (they are full brother and sister) He scored 7.5 at inspection and will be showing this spring. He has wonderful movements and is extremely docile. Both would make wonderful event prospects. For more info email DaysyMaysy @ aol.com or call 703-847-1368.


This is a column for jokes, riddles, and funny horse stories. Send to Rachel c/o NICKERS.

Pony Poems

If you write horse poems, send them in! We will publish anonymously at author's request. If the peoms is from a book, give credit to author. Send to Rachel c/o PP.
Here is a song by PonyLover2. It is to the tune of UP ON THE HOUSETOP!

Down in the barnyard the horses pause
Off jumps good old Santa Clause
Off of the back of a sorrel mare
Out of his bag falls a teddy bear

Ho ho ho, who wouldn't go?
Ho ho ho. I wanna know!
Down in the barnyard where horses pause
Puppies play, cats sharpen their claws
They weren't good kitties all year long
Throw their coal out of the barn.

Mail Box

If you have a letter for any of the staff. Send it to Rachel c/o MAILBOX and I will forward it to them. The letter and reply will be in the next possible newsletter.


If your birthday is coming up and you want an announcement in the paper, email Sara with your name, age, and DOB. c/o BDAY.


We will hold chats every Friday night at 7pm (ET) in private room HORSESRS. I would like to address most members(all but 5 ) about our chats! It is not required that you come to all chats or that you stay for the whole thing. If you are unable to attend, email an officer, otherwise, we will expect you to come, even if it is only for 5 minutes! There will be no scheduled chat topics until you people start to show. WE try out hardest to put this newsletter together and schedule chats, the least you can do is show up!
Starting on Friday the 27th, Sarah, the secretary will be logging our chats. If you are unable to attend and would like a copy of the chat, email her and she will send a copy ASAP.

Sara President CinmonBear @ aol.com
Rachel Editor RC5050 @ aol.com
Sarah Secretary Hyperalot2 @ aol.com

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