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Welcome everyone to our first newsletter ever!!!!!! I am very excited about this club. If you know of anyone who may be interested in the club, contact us!!!!! This month we have many exciting articles. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it better! Email the editor, Rachel with any comments or suggestions!
Help us name our club! We can't think of a name for our club! Please mail any suggestions to Rachel or Sara by 12-20-96 c/o CLUBNAME!
Sadly, the newsletter was lost somewhere in the computer (I blame my brother), so I have to type the whole thing out again!!!!!!!:( Woe is me!!!! Please excuse any typos as I am trying to do this quickly! There may be slight variations from the original copy and I am sorry for the inconvenience! I hope this will not reflect on the record of good reputation that I am hoping this club will put forth in the future.

Plastic Place

This article is dedicated to all questions and discussions about Breyer Model horses. This month we will be ID'ing Chaparral himself. Chaparral was the 1992 Limited Edition. This Fighting Stallion was #855, a rugged pinto. He stands 11-1/4" high and 12-1/2" long. He is complimented by his smaller likeness, Little Chaparral.
If you have any questions concerning the identification of one of your Breyers, send it to Sara c/o ASK CHAPARRAL. You can send any info or questions about Breyers!

Dear CinmonBear,
I was wondering if you could help me with a Breyer that I have. He looks kind of like Skipster's Chief. My model is a bay paint with a spot-type marking on his left side. I got him on sale in the mid-80's. Can you help?

The model you have described sound like the 1984 SR (Special Run) Sam-I-Am. He was produced after the portrait of an actual horse. He was sold in a special see-through box with an application for shared ownership of the real horse inside.~CinmonBear

Book Barn

Every month there will be two newsletters(every 2 weeks). In the first we will review a training/informational book. In the second we will do a fictional book. This week, Sara reviewed the book, WINNING by Anna Jane White-Mullen.
This book contains 277 photos, drawings, and text. It contains specific info on how to ride each of the AHSA tests1-19. THis is a good book for all of you hunt seat riders. It gives tips on training your horse for equitation classes and also contains advanced concepts for the more experienced riders. THis is an excellent book for any hunt seat rider.
If you would like Sara to review a certain type of book (ASB gaits, mare/foal) send requeste to her c/o BOOK BARN and a book on the subject will be read and reviewed! You can also send in your own review. Be sure to include the title, author, and number of pages.

Track Talk

*Breeder's Cup Horses to Stud*

The most prominant Breeder's Cup horse that will be retiring to stud this year is of course, Cigar. A few other quality runners are also retiring this year.
Mark of Esteem, a sure champion in Europe but a disappointment in the BC mile this year, will stand at Dalham Stud in England. His stablemate, Charnwood Forest, will be retired to Rathbarry Stud in Ireland. Dumaani, who also ran in the BC mile but finished 12th, will stabd at Shadwell Farm in Kentucky for a fee of $5,000.
Mahagany Hall (5YO by Woodman)retired after coming out of a race with a swollen ankle. His stud plans are not yet final. Dare and Go (5YO by Alydar) who beat Cigar, will stand at Vinery for a fee of $8,500. The winner of the BC Sprint, Lit de Justice (6YO gry by El Gran Senor) will stand at Adena Springs in Kentucky for a fee of $15,000. Lord Carson (4YO by Carson City) who finished 4th in the BC Sprint, will stand at Longview Farm near Ontario, Canada for $2,610. Also retiring is Serena's Song. Serena lost all of her last 7 races. She raced for a final time 2 weeks after the Breeder's Cup and lost by a nose. This was her 15th start of the year, in which she only won 5 races. Her career earnings have reached $3,283,388 beating Dance Smartly by $2,967, and making Serena's Song the all-time top earning female. She retires to be a brood mare with a record of 30 starts and 18 wins. She was only unplaced in 7 races.
And there is the great Cigar, syndicated for $15,000,000. His owner, Allen Paulson keeps a 25% share of his horse. He will stand at Ashford Stud in Kentucky for a fee of $75,000. Cigar exits with a record of 33 starts and 17 out of 20 wins on dirt. His earnings have reached $9,999,813.
If you have any news for Track Talk, email Sara c/o Track Talk.

Feature Breed

In this column, we will be discussing a different breed every issue. This is a good way to increase your knowledge or brush up on breeds!. Info based on but not copied from Simon and Schuster's guide to horses and ponies. This week's breed is the Iomed.
The Iomed originated in the Soviet Union, or Turkmenistan. The Iomed is a stromg horse, a godd jumper with high endurance. This breed is patient but energetic, which makes it good for riders of all shapes, sizes , and abilities. THis particular breed stands 14.1-15 hands and is usually gray although it can be bay, chestnut, or black. The Iomed has a rather thick, but well-shaped neck, solid, muscular legs, and well. This horse is a descendant of the ancient Turkmene, resistant to the heat of the desert and able to go long periods of time without water much like a camel. It is similar in origin to the Akhal-Teke. In sport, the Iomed is well suited to cross-country racing because of its jumping abilities and high endurance.

Gallery of Champions

In this column, we will print any awards that you or your horse has won. If you have recently received an award, email Rachel c/o Champs and we will print it in the next newsletter!
This week we congratulate Rachel for winning two awards at her pony club's Christmas Party. The first was a Sportsmanship award and the second was an award for the highest Dressage score in her club!

Horse of the Week

This week's horse of the week is a 13.1h, bay, standardbred/welsh, mare named Rosie. Rosie was a driving pony and is now a show/4H pony. She was owned by Rachel until 2 mos. ago. While Rachel owned her, she trained her to event and show. She now lives in PA.
If you would like your horse/pony to be in our newsletter, email Rachel c/o HOTW.

Meet the Club

In this column we will meet with a club member every issue. I think this is a good way for everyone to get to know each other. This week we meet with the editor, Rachel.

name: Rachel
age: 14
state: NY
style: English
number and breeds of horses: 2, Trekhner mare, 16.2, bay, 8YO-Teddi.
Trekhner/qrtr, 16.2, bay, mare -Dulci. I have ridden for 5 years. I like to show and event!!!!
If you would like to be in this column, email the above info to Rachel c/o MTC.


Would you like to have your birthday in the paper? email your DOB, age on birthday, and name to Sara c/o BDAY and we will print it in the newsletter!

Tip of the Week

Every week we will be having a tip og the week. Please email all items to Rachel c/o totm. Remember to include the title/author if you use a book. DO NOT PLAGURIZE!!!!!!!!!!!
This week's tip is submitted by Rachel and comes from THE USPC MANUAL OF HORSEMANSHIP:C LEVEL by Susan E. Harris.
Be sure that your horse is warm enough this winter. If he has a thin coat, is old, sick, or clipped, he may need to be blanketed. If he is used to be blanketed, he will probably need an extra layer. If your horse has a thick coat, do not blanket him unless it gets VERY COLD. If you are unsure as to whether or not to blanket, ask an adult, trainer, or person whose opinion you trust. Always make sure that your horse's blanket fits properly and that all of the straps are secured. :)

Horse Sense

This column is for trivia questions, You can send all trivia questions to Rachel c/o trivia. Be sure to give credit to the author if it is from a book, and include the answer.

This week's trivia is from Rachel:
How can you tell if your horse is properly cooled out??
Look for the answer next week:)

Pony Poems

Do you like to write poetry about horses? Send all poetry to Rachel c/o ponypoems.

From the Horse's Mouth

This column is dedicated to keeping track of all of the members. Let us know what you and your horse are up to. EMail Rachel or Sara c/o mouth so we can keep in touch!


Here is the chat schedule for the next 2 weeks. I regret to inform you that it is lost forever. I don't know the topics but you can meet us in private room HORSESRS every FRI, SAT, AND SUN from 7-9 pm Eastern time. You can always go to the private room, even if we don't have a chat scheduled for that particular day. If you have any chat suggestions, email Rachel or Sara c/o Chat.

If you have any suggestions or questions, email Rachel or Sara and we will be happy to answer you! Deadline for the next newsletter is 12-20-96. ALL items that you want printed in the next newsletter must be in by that time!!!

Rachel-editor- RC5050@ aol.com
Sara- president- CinmonBear@aol.com

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