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HorsePower holds its chats every Friday in private room HorsePower on AOL. The chats start at 8:30PM ET and disperse any time, usually when the last member has left. They can last anywhere from 1-2 hours long. We provide an optional service to our members to remind them of the chats. We call this the HorsePower Alarm System. These notices are generally sent every Thursday. To sign up for the Alarm System, just e-mail us and you're set.

Chat Guidelines

This is a list of chat guidelines that we request you follow during all HorsePower chats!
1 --> NO swearing!
2 --> Please respect other people when they are typing.
3 --> If you have a problem with someone, please do not bring that into the room. IM the host or co-host with your problem.
4 --> If you are NOT going to participate in the chat, please don't come into the room.
5 --> Please pay attention to the topic and especially to the host.
6 --> If you do not want to or can not come to the chat and receive invitations, send an IM to the sender so we do not continue to send invites to you.
7 --> Please respect other's interests and hobbies and do not hurt them by making offensive comments regarding what they do.
8 --> Have fun!!!!!
9 --> No scrolling ( typing the same thing over and over again).